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At Chris Colgrave Automotive, we are proud to provide the residents of Launceston and the surrounding areas with honest, dependable, and high-quality vehicle repairs and servicing. We offer several auto services for our customers. They include brake and clutch repairs, warranty handbook/log book service, steering and suspension, exhaust and muffler replacement, engine management and diagnostics, fuel injector cleaning and replacement, fuel system repairs and replacement, head gasket replacement, cooling system repairs, engine and transmission mount replacement, and air conditioning service and repairs.

Our Complete Car Servicing Includes:

Servicing New Vehicles Under Warranty

servicing new vehicles under warranty

Company Vehicle Maintenance

company vehicle maintenance

Fault Diagnosis

fault diagnosis

Air conditioning servicing

air conditioning servicing

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection at Chris Colgrave Automotive Launceston

Brake And Clutch Repairs

brake and clutch repairs

Cooling System Repairs

cooling system repairs

Gearbox and Diff Repairs

gearbox and diff repairs
A locally owned and operated business, we have been servicing Launceston since 2000. We offer on-site inspections, fast turnaround times and our team of mechanics are happy to provide you with a free quote for our complete car servicing.
air conditioning servicing

Air Conditioning

A good air conditioner is a must with Australian summers. Your air conditioner uses refrigerant to pull the excess heat from the interior of your car and transfer it outside. This process leaves the cool air behind to be redistributed throughout the car's interior. You should have your rubber seals inspected for deterioration or leaks as this can lead to a refrigerant loss. If you lose refrigerant regularly, your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep your car's interior cool. It is a good idea to get your refrigerant completely replaced every two or three years. The qualified team at Chris Colgrave Automotive will ensure that your car's air conditioning works at peak performance for as long as you own the car.

Brake and Clutch Repairs

We include service, repair, replacement, and disc machining in our brake services. Your clutch and brake systems need regular maintenance to work at an optimal level. If you find you have leaking fluids, warning light on, humming or whirring, slipping, or slow gear changing, it's time to have them looked at. We offer clutch diagnosis, servicing, and replacement. 
brake and clutch repairs
exhaust replacement and repair

Exhaust Replacement and Repair

You should have the exhaust checked and the qualified team at Chris Colgrave Automotive can do this for you. We will ensure that your exhaust system is operating at its peak performance and we offer repair and total exhaust replacement. 

Timing Belt Replacement

Your car's timing belt is one part of your car where prevention is always better than fixing it after it breaks. If your timing belt breaks, it can cause a lot of damage. If your vehicle has an interference engine, it can cause you to have to replace the entire engine. If you notice high-pitched shrieks when your vehicle is idling, or difficulty starting, your timing belt might need replacement. You should replace your timing belt when your vehicle reaches a certain mileage. This mileage varies from vehicle to vehicle. If you're concerned about your timing belt, or if you have questions, contact the friendly and expert staff at Chris Colgrave Automotive. 
timing belt replacement

Reliable Auto Repairs in Launceston

Chris Colgrave Automotive has been providing reliable auto repairs in the Launceston area since 1997. Our team has over 100 years' experience in the industry, and always takes the care and attentive approach needed to complete every repair job to the highest possible standard. 
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